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Banco Real ABN AMRO was not efficiently communicating with its clients within all branches. Branch managers was rotated every year, with no solution to the problem. What to do?


Our team was contracted to innovate the retail communications. Our first mission was to prove to the Brand Strategy Board that communication within a branch should not be a copy of advertising campaigns. The behavior of bank customers at the branches had to be studied in depth before defining any in-branch communication.

Thirty agencies were visited and studied in seven strategic cities. Users’ journeys have been mapped and clusterized. A matrix was created, with entries for user type, contracted service, interaction time and agency cluster. With this initial data, seven areas were created for value hierarchy communication.



Each communication area received projects for assessing the users’ behavior and measuring the impact of proposed actions. Dozens of prototypes have been created and implemented in selected branches. Results were collected, analyzed, and turned into actions for the full branch network.



As an example, the ATM at the São Paulo domestic airport was to be deactivated for insufficient use. Its maintenance cost was higher than the total transactions performed in it. The User Journey at the airport revealed that potential users were not aware of the services offered at that ATM. Our study has also shown that the key emotional value for travelers passing through that airport was “power.” The solution was practical and inexpensive: an improvement in lighting and stickers written: “Here You Can”, followed by a list of services available and simple operating hints.

At the end of the first 19 days, the total transaction volume was 36% bigger than the rolling 3-month average of the previous year. 83% growth in shared network transactions, meaning that customers from other banks preferred to use that ATM, rather than their own bank ATMs (though they were installed side by side). 150% growth in more complex transactions.

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