We create value through innovation and change management programs


We believe that only continuous innovation leads to sustainable profitable growth

We believe in co-creating with stakeholders for their full engagement in execution

Business Innovation

Innovative Business is an approach to helping organizations build value through innovation and change management programs

We help our clients deploy their resources in two simultaneous focuses:

1. Generate resources today by increasing efficiency
2. Generate growth tomorrow by creating their next business model.
The combination of the two promotes business sustainability in volatile times.

Collaborative Intelligence

CREATHONS are intensive co-creative workshops with stakeholders for full alignment of intentions and engagement in project execution.


It is an agile journey that utilizes a sequence of tools through an intense creative and collaborative marathon with key stakeholders, to generate diagnostics or solutions for the customer’s real problem. For each challenge, a new Creathon needs to be built with specific tooling.

Mental Models

Mindsets exercised collaboratively and present in all our creative and collaborative processes.

6 mindsets applied to all processes


How it works

Manage the present

Identification and adjustment of performance gaps in the current business model, increasing efficiency through incremental innovations.

Create the future

Identification of early signs of changes that bring risk to the current business model. Generation of business sustainability through disruptive innovations.

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Expertises and tools developed to bring results through innovation. Applied individually or combined, depending on the project – for managing the present or creating the future.

Opportunity Mapping

How to identify the opportunities that will the backbone for your business sustainable innovations.

Decision-Making Workshops

How to generate rapid immersion workshops to assess challenges and develop viable avenues for final decision making.

Incremental and Disruptive Innovations

Innovate or die – how to coordinate the emerging pressure with the need for disruptive and incremental innovation programs.

Change Management and Agile Innovation Cultures

Delaying change only brings anxiety and loss. Generating innovation is hard work, but it promotes team alignment and a strong sense of commitment.

Strategic Branding

The future of your business must be represented by the current narrative of your branding. International partnership: Equador / Europe

Costumer Knowledge: User Experience

How to leverage user knowledge to improve the UX, optimize business performance and maximize ROI. Partnership Enfoque Research.

Increased Retail Value and Performance

How to improve the efficiency of retail operation by in-depth shopper analysis, opportunities identification and prototyping generation

B-Compass Analytics: Prototyping and Metrics

What cannot be identified and measured cannot be innovated: quick and low-cost analysis for identifying performance gaps and opportunity gaps.

Competitive and Sustainable Business Models

Eight out of ten CEOs say they need to change their companies’ business models. Can your business model become obsolete?

Training in Strategic Innovation

How to solve complex problems with your current team, some experts and a creative group. It is fast and it works!


Innovative Business Solutions

Strategic showcase for sustainable solutions developed by T-Bhink, committed to organizations and their customers.

Consulting teams in the United States, Brazil and Portugal.

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